Schlenker, Oscar (Venezuela/U.S.A)

Bachelor in Arts from Southern Illinois University – Radio and Television

Me, Myself & I
Before completing my Bachelor’s degree I held small jobs in several radio and T.V. stations during my spare time. I was particularly fascinated with the Spanish language market in American media.

That’s why after graduating college I decided to expand my international scope on media. I worked as a video news editor back home in Venezuela and as T.V. correspondent in Italy covering the Vatican.

Having worked as a journalist in three continents gave me the international perspective on media I was looking for. Although I always wanted to further my studies after graduating from college, work always got in the way.

A friend and mentor from Venezuela sent me the link to the DW IMS Masters program and I immediately began the application process. I am glad I took the decision to further my studies in Germany. Not only is the IMS program giving me new perspectives on media, it has also provided a more depth to my career and I’ve polished my German language in the process.

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