Workshop: Crowdsourcing Journalism. How to involve those closest to the story.

By Natalia Lazareva and Eira Martens

YouTube: 8 years of video content is being uploaded every day. Facebook: 250 million of photos are being uploaded every day. Twitter: while in September 2010 about 100 million of tweets were posted daily, their number reached 250 million in September 2011. What will the figures be for the year 2012? This question was posed at the workshop on the Day 2 of the FoMe Symposium by Gavin Sheridan, Innovation Director for Storyful, a news agency for the social media age, based in Dublin, Ireland.

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Security Threats in the Digital Era: Battlefields of political ideology

By Toqa Pia Hilal, Srinivas Mazumdarum and Eira Martens

The role of social media in past, current and future revolutions is becoming not only a widely discussed but also a highly controversial topic. Highlighting the impact of Facebook and Twitter on supporting the so-called Arab Spring revolutions, the speakers of the session on “Security Threats” portrayed not only the bright side of this rapidly evolving social media usage, but also the ugly side. 
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New Media, New Partnerships: Citizens conquering the global media sphere

By Mohammed Al-Sarray, Srinivas Mazumdaru and Eira Martens

The second day of the FoME 2011 Symposium started with a discussion on new media platforms and their usage by “traditional” and citizen journalists.  According to Ivan Sigal, Executive Director of Global Voices, a non-profit online initiative for citizen media, information now a days flows through complex networks between citizen journalists and media organizations.  Partnerships always exist in one way or another.
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