Workshop: Navigating the Digital. Getting your message heard and staying safe

By Julieta Romero Güeto and Simon Didszuweit

In Germany 1989, social change started with people gathering in a church. This year in Egypt, cameras and mobile phones played a key role during demonstrations. That’s how Marek Tuszynski, co-founder of the international NGO Tactical Tech Collective, opened the workshop “Navigating the Digital: Getting your Message Heard and Staying Safe” during the second day of the FoME Symposium. Continue reading

Workshop: Augmenting New and Old. Open-Source in Radio and Newsrooms

By Gerhard Schneibel and Eira Martens

On Day 2  of the FoME 2011 Symposium, participants joined workshop sessions for a more in-depth look at specific topics. Adam Thomas, of Prag-based Sourcefabric shared with participants some strategies for implementing open source software in their newsrooms.
Continue reading